New glasses…new life?

New life?!


This past weekend I was thinking about new life and it reminded me about when I first REALLY saw things.

In first grade I waited in line for our school vision screening. I memorized what the kid in front of me said and repeated it when it was my turn. Needless to say I failed my vision screening miserably.

Then my life changed.


I got glasses. I could actually see the details of the leaves on the trees. I could actually see that chalkboard at the front of the classroom. My grades that were ok up until the great vision screening fiasco where now good enough for advanced placement classes.


My parents nor I knew that I had weak eyesight. Once that was corrected literally life was easier for me and for them. It made me wonder if my vision had been checked earlier how different things could have been for me.


So much of our learning is visual. You may not even realize that you or your children need glasses or need an update of the ones that you have.

I went a few weeks ago and got my annual eye exam. My vision had changed quite a bit since the last time. When I got my new contacts I got to experience those leaves again.






Silhouette Eyeglasses

If you are looking for light-weight, durable rimless frames, Silhouette is miles beyond other manufacturers. This Austrian-based company will be celebrating 50 years of making exquisite frames this year, and are still living up to their slogan, “Feel Light, Show Style” with every eyeglass made. Silhouette is best know for its rimless, screwless, hingeless “Titan” collection who’s titanium frames have become an industry standard, but have branched off to design many hinged models as well. With high quality construction Silhouette frames are made to last and many of our patients will use them over many years, updating the lenses as their prescription changes. Either way, Silhouette wearers are very hesitant to move to other frames designs after getting used to the frames that almost disappear on their faces.

While Silhouette is best known for their clear eyeglasses, they are quickly becoming a presence in sunglasses industry applying their same attention to detail to a fantastic sun lineup. Polarized Silhouette sunglasses are available with both prescription and non-prescription lenses.

Kate Spade

Kate Spade knows fashion.  This New York based company has a huge line of products that any woman is already aware of, and every man should look into if they want to impress afore mentioned woman.  One of my favorite Kate Spade products is (obviously) her collection of designer eyeglass frames.  Now putting fashion aside, I personally love this collection for it’s dedication to premium quality products.  With so many glasses now being assembled cheaply in China, it is nice to know that Kate Spade frames can hold up to the rigors that glasses must endure.  It is clear that plenty of thought was put into the design of each individual frame.  When one of my patients puts on a Kate Spade frame, it just fits.  Kate Spade frames are designed for narrower faces which can often be difficult to find the right frame for.  This line is my go-to for petite and younger women because of it’s fantastic design and quality, and is unanimously appreciated by those who try them on.

Oakley Glasses

Oakley is know across the United States for their cutting edge sports sunglasses and shields.  Most people are also aware that they also have an entire “Lifestyle” collection which is full of hot trending frame designs for a more casual environment.  Oakley is one of the few companies that maintains a full line-up for both men and women with unique styling to fit different face shapes.  Oakley sunglasses have truly earned their reputation as the favorite for almost any sport ranging from cycling to tennis, running to shooting, volleyball to baseball.

What many people are not aware of is that Oakley also has a wide range of “dresswear” prescription frames designed for clear lenses.  The same high quality construction is used in their dresswear line as the sunglasses that made Oakley so popular by enduring the toughest sporting challenges.  Oakley frames can now fit any occasion with the same quality that you have come to expect from America’s favorite sports eyewear brand.

CentraSight Telescopic Lens Implants

Until now, patients with late stage macular degeneration have suffered from uncorrectable central vision loss.  There was no lens that we could prescribe to help improve vision, and no treatment possible to reverse the condition.  The damage to the retina is permanent and we have traditionally relied on hand held optical aides to magnify text.  While these tools are hugely beneficial for near tasks, distance vision has historically been more difficult to correct.

CentraSight is an implantable telescopic lens that takes the place of the natural lens inside the eye.  With proper training, it can allow a patient to view distance objects using healthy peripheral retinal tissue, magnifying to a level where distance objects can be distinguished.

This exciting new technology is allowing patients who were previously considered “functionally blind” to see again, and maintain their independence.  Our Low Vision Center co-manages patients with Dr. Patel, the only surgeon in the Bay Area who is certified to implant CentraSight lenses.  A consultation will allow us to explain the procedure coach you through wonderful opportunity of renewed vision.  Lear more at

Wavefront Cataract Surgery

Technology is continually evolving in the fields of optometry and ophthalmology.  There have been two major advancements in the way Cataract surgeries are preformed that have greatly increased the accuracy of the procedure and minimized surgical complications

The LenSx Real-Time laser is able to break up the cataract before the surgical incision is made.  This reduces the amount of time the surgeon be inside the eye.   The same laser is then used to create the incision providing consistency and precision.  Both factors decrease healing time and risk of complication.  Even the most severe cataracts can be removed quickly and easily rather than requiring extended time in the operating room.

Once the cataract is removed, Ora Wavefront Technology is used to measure the refractive power of the eye in order to select the optimal lens implant.  Traditionally, these measurements were all made prior to the surgery date through the cloudy lens.  While this would give the surgeon a good ballpark estimate, it was impossible to accurately chose the perfect lens implant.  Ora Wavefront measurements now provide end results of cataract very similar to LASIK.

Our patients should expect the very best when having cataract surgery.  At For Your Eyes Only Optometric Center, we only co-manage with the most highly rated surgeons in the area using newest and most accurate instruments.  Let us help guide you through this procedure to get the best possible results.


Flex Spending and HSA accounts

As the end of 2013 draws near, many of us are trying to figure out how to optimize funds left in Flex Spending and HSA accounts or decide how much money to put into next year’s funds.  A wide variety of medical and optical equipment qualify.  General purpose eyeglasses, prescription sunglasses, computer glasses, and sports specific eyewear all qualify the medical equipment category. Contact lenses and solutions are also a great way to use up the last of your account dollars. Order a 6 or 12 month supply and get cash rebates back in your pocket.

Interested in LASIK? If you are planning on having LASIK or PRK refractive surgery in 2014, now is the time think about allocating funds for your flex spending account. Even though this procedure is considered an elective procedure, the entire payment can be made with tax free flex spending dollars. Don’t let your tax free money go to waste. If you have questions on what will be covered under your specific account, come talk with our receptionists and they will be happy to assist you.


Ray-Ban Sunglasses Now Available!

For Your Eyes Only is proud to introduce America’s favorite sunglasses, Ray-Ban to our frame boards. With a wide selection of wire and plastic frames Ray Ban has been creating fashion trends for over 25 years. Come try on one of the classic “Wayfarer” models and experience the comfort and style first hand. The green-gray G-15 lenses made popular in Ray-Ban’s early years are offered in polarized and tinted options and in polycarbonate as well as glass materials. Choose polycarbonate for impact resistance and sports frames while glass is unmatched for scratch resistance and optical quality. All Ray-Ban Sunglasses are 100% UV A and B resistant (up to 400nm) and can be made with prescription lenses.

Sports, Sports, Sports!

As part of an active outdoor community, For Your Eyes Only Optometric Center realizes the importance of proper sports eyewear. We love to discuss the pros and cons of different types of eyewear to address your specific visual needs. No matter if you are a golfer, swimmer, racquetball player, cyclist, fisherman, pool player, runner, target shooter, scuba diver, or baseball player, having the right frame and lens design will make a huge difference to your performance and safety on the “field.” We can customize the most recent frame and lens designs available from Oakley, Nike, Maui Jim and more. So, whether you are having trouble addressing the ball with you progressive lenses, finding a pair of swim goggles for your high prescription, sighting the ball on the billiards table, or fogging up your lenses while running, we can help. We know when polarization is essential, what tints can optimize contrast for your specific sporting environment, and what frames are best suited to keep you safe and performing optimally. Swing by and allow us to help you improve your game… no matter what you play.

Restasis: Perscription Drops For Dry Eye Syndrome

Many of us are combating Dry Eye Syndrome by using a variety of different over-the-counter artificial tears. While articial tears are a great way to relieve the dry eye symptoms of burning or scratching sensation they are limited to addressing symptoms rather than the cause. Heating and light massage of the eye lids along with cleaning the lid margins can open the meibomian glands allowing them produce more of the oil that is integral to a robust tear surface. In order to adress tear volume, however, Restasis drops are the only effective therapy. Restasis drops (cyclosporin 0.05%) are safe, effective and have been proven to have long lasting results. This medication reduces inflammation in the lacrimal gland allowing it to be more productive. For many people, Restasis drops can actually be more cost effective as well when compared to extensive use of artificial tears. Most insurance carriers cover Restasis with a low copay. Ask us at For Your Eyes Only Optometric Center if Restasis drops would be an appropriate treatment for your chronic Dry Eye Syndrome.

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