CentraSight Telescopic Lens Implants

Until now, patients with late stage macular degeneration have suffered from uncorrectable central vision loss.  There was no lens that we could prescribe to help improve vision, and no treatment possible to reverse the condition.  The damage to the retina is permanent and we have traditionally relied on hand held optical aides to magnify text.  While these tools are hugely beneficial for near tasks, distance vision has historically been more difficult to correct.

CentraSight is an implantable telescopic lens that takes the place of the natural lens inside the eye.  With proper training, it can allow a patient to view distance objects using healthy peripheral retinal tissue, magnifying to a level where distance objects can be distinguished.

This exciting new technology is allowing patients who were previously considered “functionally blind” to see again, and maintain their independence.  Our Low Vision Center co-manages patients with Dr. Patel, the only surgeon in the Bay Area who is certified to implant CentraSight lenses.  A consultation will allow us to explain the procedure coach you through wonderful opportunity of renewed vision.  Lear more at http://www.centrasight.com/

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