Restasis: Perscription Drops For Dry Eye Syndrome

Many of us are combating Dry Eye Syndrome by using a variety of different over-the-counter artificial tears. While articial tears are a great way to relieve the dry eye symptoms of burning or scratching sensation they are limited to addressing symptoms rather than the cause. Heating and light massage of the eye lids along with cleaning the lid margins can open the meibomian glands allowing them produce more of the oil that is integral to a robust tear surface. In order to adress tear volume, however, Restasis drops are the only effective therapy. Restasis drops (cyclosporin 0.05%) are safe, effective and have been proven to have long lasting results. This medication reduces inflammation in the lacrimal gland allowing it to be more productive. For many people, Restasis drops can actually be more cost effective as well when compared to extensive use of artificial tears. Most insurance carriers cover Restasis with a low copay. Ask us at For Your Eyes Only Optometric Center if Restasis drops would be an appropriate treatment for your chronic Dry Eye Syndrome.

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