Sports, Sports, Sports!

As part of an active outdoor community, For Your Eyes Only Optometric Center realizes the importance of proper sports eyewear. We love to discuss the pros and cons of different types of eyewear to address your specific visual needs. No matter if you are a golfer, swimmer, racquetball player, cyclist, fisherman, pool player, runner, target shooter, scuba diver, or baseball player, having the right frame and lens design will make a huge difference to your performance and safety on the “field.” We can customize the most recent frame and lens designs available from Oakley, Nike, Maui Jim and more. So, whether you are having trouble addressing the ball with you progressive lenses, finding a pair of swim goggles for your high prescription, sighting the ball on the billiards table, or fogging up your lenses while running, we can help. We know when polarization is essential, what tints can optimize contrast for your specific sporting environment, and what frames are best suited to keep you safe and performing optimally. Swing by and allow us to help you improve your game… no matter what you play.

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