Wavefront Cataract Surgery

Technology is continually evolving in the fields of optometry and ophthalmology.  There have been two major advancements in the way Cataract surgeries are preformed that have greatly increased the accuracy of the procedure and minimized surgical complications

The LenSx Real-Time laser is able to break up the cataract before the surgical incision is made.  This reduces the amount of time the surgeon be inside the eye.   The same laser is then used to create the incision providing consistency and precision.  Both factors decrease healing time and risk of complication.  Even the most severe cataracts can be removed quickly and easily rather than requiring extended time in the operating room.

Once the cataract is removed, Ora Wavefront Technology is used to measure the refractive power of the eye in order to select the optimal lens implant.  Traditionally, these measurements were all made prior to the surgery date through the cloudy lens.  While this would give the surgeon a good ballpark estimate, it was impossible to accurately chose the perfect lens implant.  Ora Wavefront measurements now provide end results of cataract very similar to LASIK.

Our patients should expect the very best when having cataract surgery.  At For Your Eyes Only Optometric Center, we only co-manage with the most highly rated surgeons in the area using newest and most accurate instruments.  Let us help guide you through this procedure to get the best possible results.


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