Kate Spade

Kate Spade knows fashion.  This New York based company has a huge line of products that any woman is already aware of, and every man should look into if they want to impress afore mentioned woman.  One of my favorite Kate Spade products is (obviously) her collection of designer eyeglass frames.  Now putting fashion aside, I personally love this collection for it’s dedication to premium quality products.  With so many glasses now being assembled cheaply in China, it is nice to know that Kate Spade frames can hold up to the rigors that glasses must endure.  It is clear that plenty of thought was put into the design of each individual frame.  When one of my patients puts on a Kate Spade frame, it just fits.  Kate Spade frames are designed for narrower faces which can often be difficult to find the right frame for.  This line is my go-to for petite and younger women because of it’s fantastic design and quality, and is unanimously appreciated by those who try them on.