New glasses…new life?

This past weekend I was thinking about new life and it reminded me about when I first REALLY saw things.

In first grade I waited in line for our school vision screening. I memorized what the kid in front of me said and repeated it when it was my turn. Needless to say I failed my vision screening miserably.

Then my life changed.

I got glasses. I could actually see the details of the leaves on the trees. I could actually see that chalkboard at the front of the classroom. My grades that were ok up until the great vision screening fiasco where now good enough for advanced placement classes.

My parents nor I knew that I had weak eyesight. Once that was corrected literally life was easier for me and for them. It made me wonder if my vision had been checked earlier how different things could have been for me.

So much of our learning is visual. You may not even realize that you or your children need glasses or need an update of the ones that you have.

I went a few weeks ago and got my annual eye exam. My vision had changed quite a bit since the last time. When I got my new contacts I got to experience those leaves again.