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Comprehensive Eye Exams

We often seek optometric care only when our eyes are irritated, when the vision is blurry or when we need to reorder contact lenses. While all of these would be an indication for a comprehensive eye exam, routine preventative care is also an important part of maintaining lifelong eye health. An annual eye exam will not only indicate whether an updated Rx for glasses is needed, but will also test for a wide range of eye conditions that can may not have obvious symptoms.

Many conditions such as diabetes and high blood pressure are first diagnosed during eye exams, and can be sight threatening if not treated promptly. Diabetic Eye Disease is actually the leading cause of blindness in Americans under age 50.

Glaucoma is another “silent” condition which only shows symptoms in advanced stages. As vision loss begins in the far periphery, without thorough preventive eye care it will only become evident after extensive vision loss. Unfortunately, any vision loss from Glaucoma will be permanent. While Glaucoma is most prevalent in the elderly population, variations

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